Healthcare Data - Clear, Useable and Actionable

Actionable Business Insight (Reporting And Analytics)

Flexible reporting that identifies anomalies, opportunities and successes

Providing a standard set of reports as a starting point, we customize and build new reports to meet your needs and ensure access to mission critical analytics. Tying coding behaviors with charges, you can compare performance to industry and internal benchmarks. You can dive deeper into clinical elements and identify relationships to operational behaviors through reports designed to lead you to the answers. Static reports, ad hoc reporting, data extracts and self-service reports bring clarity to focus areas:

  • Clinical Metrics
  • Performance
  • Coding
  • Scheduling
  • Benchmark and Budget Comparison
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Other customizable areas

Our electronic and automated process delivers consistent and accurate data tools, our data analysis highlights established and customizable key performance indicators and will decrease the time your team requires to make decisions and offering solutions with confidence.

  • Electronic Extraction – Using electronic data extraction decreases time, reduces risk of errors, and significantly improves confidence in your teams’ findings.
  • Data Standardization – Common definitions and rules under guidance of industry standards
  • Benchmark Comparison – Performance within an organization is best when compared to external data sources and other organizations.  Compare data to external benchmarks to provide you a powerful picture of performance within your specialty classifications and region.

Combine reporting with the ability to Merge System Data and you gain valuable insight into your data and a better understanding of your business needs.


Report Samples (Click to Enlarge)

Provider Productivity


Practice Productivity
Chronic Conditions


Provider Utilizations


Time of Service Collections


Merge System Data

Consolidate data from multiple sources into one clear automated reporting tool.

Data analysis and data consolidation take time and resources and the more data the more complicated and costly the process.  Tools designed to simplify the process for your team and create one unified reporting and data analysis solution, are what you need!

Connect the puzzle pieces of disparate data systems to put the big picture together. Give your team procedure code to enterprise level analytics across multiple data sources.  Multiple data sources may include various practice management system vendors and Electronic Health Records. Expand your reporting power to include data from financial systems, pharmacy, hospital systems, Payers, Profit and Loss and Payroll systems.

Your data is mapped into our Reporting and data analytics center and validated. From there the extraction, translation and load process is automated providing regular updates (monthly, weekly or daily).  We have also designed our process to allow customization for addition of new elements and any necessary modification to the data feeds with minimal impact on delivery timelines.

You have one reporting destination and analytics tool that decreases the resources you need with insight and intelligence to command your data and confidently understand your organization.

Acquisition / Practice Assessment Analysis

Create practice operational / revenue cycle assessments with consistent report format

In order to build credibility, make timely and informed decisions and ask appropriate questions during an assessment you will need accurate data quickly.  A process where data is acquired manually is very time consuming, slow, prone to errors and costly. It will not provide a detailed analysis and in many cases cannot be completed before conclusions must be made.

  • Findings Review – We review our findings to assist your team in asking questions based on the picture that the data identifies.
  • Present Solutions
  • Review Data of a Practice During an Acquisition

Build credibility and confidence with the group under Evaluation.  Ask appropriate and necessary questions. Make informed decisions before deadlines.

Connected System Examples

Greenway Prime
Medical Manager

We offer cloud hosted and onsite data solutions to offer maximum flexibility.